Transformer Lamp Turns Into Another Lamp

October 23, 2007


Ever wonder what would happen if a Transformer banged an illuminated cocktail table? Well now you know. The 'Angel Lamp' hides a table on the inside, and looks perfect for those people that like sitting alone in the corner of a restaurant. I don't understand the amazing technology that makes this lamp possible, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say there are hinges involved.

The lamp shade screen is constructed in thermographed metacryl with frost effect surface, disk and column in natural aluminum, and table top in clear or stained glass. The base holds and hides electric cable management for a clean design.

With such amazing construction details it's easy to understand the $3,888 price tag right? No you say? What are you nuts? I mean it's a big lamp that transforms into a little lamp and a table. It's not like you could just go out and make one of these yourself for way, way, way cheaper. This is space technology people, that shit costs money.

Transforming Lamp Hides A Table [bornrich]

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