Toyota iReal Is A Wheelchair On Steroids

October 11, 2007


Is it an armchair? Is it a Hover-round? What the hell is it? It's Toyota's new mobility concept, the i-Real. The seat moves from an upright position to a lying down one depending on your speed. The thing tops out at about 18 mph, which is the max legal speed for 50cc type vehicles in Japan. If these thing makes production and come to the US, you better believe it'll need to go at least 30 mph. I'd be taking this thing to the liquor store and back all the time. In style. So what if I've already amassed a collection of DUIs on bicycles, golf carts, and ride-on mowers. I'll get one on this thing too. 'Cause I real. Real stupid. And real horrible at driving.

Toyota Pwns Segway with the i-Real [uberreview]

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