Stretched Prius Seats 8, Still Gets 50 MPG

October 22, 2007


Some guy modded his Prius into an 8-seater. It took over 200 hours of fabrication and cost around $10,000. It allegedly still gets 50 MPG. I don't really know what to say, except good for him. Notice how I'm not calling this thing a limo? That's because it's not. I did some investigative reporting and discovered that the dude extended it to accommodate his six kids -- which makes it a Prius station wagon owned by a man with too many children. Limos are elongated vehicles in which you get drunk and have sex with hookers. Now I'm not claiming to be a limologist or anything, I'm just claiming I banged a hooker in a real limo once. And let me tell you something else – she had the sexiest lazy eye I’ve ever seen.

Prius Stretch Limo [neatorama]

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