Star Wars Costume Tees Are Very Awesome

October 30, 2007


80's Tees is selling these wicked Star Wars Costume Tees in case you need a quick Halloween costume that won't arrive until after Halloween. R2D2 and Darth Vader go for $28 apiece, and the Chewbacca and Storm Trooper will set you back an even $30. Pretty expensive for t-shirts, but worth it. And apparently they're really convincing. "This Star Wars t-shirt will turn you into a wookie in a flash. Is it you or Chewbacca? No one will know!" Okay, if no one can tell you from a wookie because you put a brown shirt on, you may be the world's ugliest-ass person (behind my girlfriend). Now I'm not stupid enough to call these the awesomest shirts in the world, because that would be a bold statement. No sir, these are the awesomest shirts in the universe.

Chewbacca Costume T-Shirt [geekalerts]

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