Smash The Hell Out Of A $6,020 Chair

October 31, 2007


The Do Hit Chair is ridiculous. It's a 0.04" thick steel cube that costs $6,020. The idea is that you take a sledgehammer or anything else to it and beat it to shit, until you've got something in the shape that you want. If you screw it up you're f'ed. You'll probably end up with something that resembles a sharp metal shiv just itching to tear you a new a-hole. Because that's exactly what it'll be. I just can't believe this thing. The last time I spent $6,000 on furniture it was for my wife's new breasts, and those things are comfortable as hell. This thing just looks painful.

One more of a sweaty man after a job (horribly) well done after the jump.


Do Hit Chair [productdose]

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