Robot Suit Makes You Strong, Look Stupid

October 8, 2007


Scientists at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan unveiled their air-pressure robot suit at a recent trade fair. The long term goal of the technology is to strap these on the elderly to make them more mobile. For now though they're focusing on caregivers, suggesting that having such a suit would make it easier to pick grandma up if you needed to. Allegedly you can pick up a 220 lb. person, even if you're only half that. The suit weighs 66 pounds and takes 10 minutes to put on. Which means you're not picking anyone up in a hurry. So if grandma needs to go to the bathroom she'll have pissed the bed long before you've transformed into a mechwarrior.

Robot Suit Gives Elderly Super Strenght, Attitude [therawfeed]

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