Robot Car Is Tiny, Still Fits Lots of Clowns

October 29, 2007


The Picobot is allegedly the world's smallest autonomous robot. I say allegedly as I'm not up to date on the world's smallest autonomous robots because I have better things to do. So we'll just assume it is. It doesn't do much besides drive itself off a table, but hey, you've got to start somewhere. The maker plans to include wireless communications, camera, sensor, and GPS technology in future versions. No official word on the number of clowns the thing can fit, but based on my expert opinion I'm going six. Maybe seven if they aren't wearing those stupid oversized shoes.

A video of the car repeatedly committing suicide after the jump. And props to the maker for the Pabst stovepipe on the table.

World's Smallest Self-Powered Robot Takes Its First Steps, Drives Off Table [techeblog]

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