Replug Prevents Unsafe Pull Out

October 3, 2007


Replug protects your audio devices by preventing the cord from being ripped out at awkward angles. It consists of a 3.5mm audio jack that plugs into your device and just leaves a little magnetic nubbin sticking out. This connects to the rest of the Replug system and your audio cable. No word on release date or price, but these things are long overdue. They just need to make them for all cables. Because one time my dog ran by the desk and caught the scanner's cord to my pc on his leg. He yanked the whole damn thing off the desk, trashing it. It was awesome. So awesome I dropped him off at the pound.

One more showing how the piece works after the jump.


Replug Breakaway Audio Connector Prevents Your Gear From Getting Pwned [gizmodo]

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