Silver Peripherals For Germophobes

October 22, 2007


The Silver Seal Keyboard and Mouse are antibacterial peripherals. They're also dishwasher safe. They both have silver ions embedded into the plastic, to prevent the buildup of germs and viruses. When the keyboard gets too many Cheeto/Dorito crumbs in it, you just throw that bitch in the dishwasher. Simple as that. They ship next month, but no word on price yet. As an added bonus, if you're ever attacked by a werewolf while at your computer, you can grab one of these suckers and drive that mother through the bastard's heart. Antibacterial and antiwerewolfial. I can't believe they don't mention that in the sales pitch.

SILVER SEAL Antibacterial Dishwasher Safe Mouse & Keyboard [ohgizmo]

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