Numeric Keypad + Mouse = Numeric Mouse!

October 2, 2007


I work almost exclusively from the john, so my computing is typically done via a laptop perched on the sink. Well my little laptop doesn't have a numeric keypad, so when I have to punch in numbers to work out how much I owe in alimony this month, it's a pain. Enter the numeric keypad mouse. For about $28, you can purchase the lovechild of a horny keypad and very slutty mouse. They come in black or white (although the white looks silver to me) and may save you some time while avoiding the shift key. I know I'm going to buy one. Then I'm going to realize that I don't use a mouse on the john and stuff it in a desk drawer to be forgotten.

Numeric Keypad Mouse For Number Nerds Hits [therawfeed]

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