New Vampire 2 Wingsuit For Skydiving

October 19, 2007


It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just some dildo in a Vampire 2 Wingsuit from Phoenix-Fly. The suit was designed to slow your free-fall from 111-139 mph to 37-59 mph thanks to the lift created -- allowing you to fly around and enjoy the view longer. It costs $1,250. Now I've been jumping out of planes for awhile now, and I've never worn one of these. They're lacking in style. And I'm all about jumping in style. Which is why I sport a Superman cape. I'm practically the Man of Steel. Sure I'm lacking the superpowers, good looks, and pretty much everything else, but I've got the cape. And the cape, my friends, is a good start.

A picture of a scary looking man who has clearly shit the suit and a video after the jump.

UPDATE: Another video added (thanks Skroonk) that shows some idiot in one of these things trying to touch a mountain while flying around.


Vampire 2 Wingsuit: You're Already Doing Something Stupid, Why Not Look The Part? [uberreview]

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