Multimedia Ring Box Pops The Question Why?

October 4, 2007


The Euricase Multimedia Ring Box costs $200 ($250 for gold or silver plated), and includes a tiny LCD screen and illuminated ring bed. You can upload a slide show with up to 500 pictures, or an hour of video, that starts playing when the box is opened. Hopefully you don't accidentally include the footage of you banging/doing drugs off the hooker you spent the night with last week. I feel like this thing might detract from the actual proposal, which is supposed to be romantic, not goofy. Of course, if I can provide any useful advice, the next time you're about to pop the question -- don't. Run like hell in the opposite direction. Stay young. Live your life. Stick with hookers.

Euricase Multimedia Ring Box [newlaunches]

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