Mix Tape Flash Drive Is Retro-Modern

October 24, 2007


The MIXA is a 1GB USB drive that looks like a cassette tape. It takes this idea to the next level. You got to the MIXA website and use some graphic creation software to design a custom sticker for each side of the tape, along with a sleeve to store the drive in. It costs $40 for all this action, but you also get some more MIXA stickers and a USB extension cable. Which still doesn't make it worth it. Now I'm no handyman, but I've got the feeling I'm capable of wedging a $10 flash drive into a cassette tape and printing off some stickers of unicorns and kitties to slap on. Which will leave me with about $25 left over to apply to a MIXA when my shit falls apart.

Make A Mixa - Cassette Shaped USB Drive [ohgizmo]

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