Man Trappped In Box Game Looks Promising

October 16, 2007


Levelhead, a game being developed by digital artist Julian Oliver, looks pretty neat. The basis of the game is a marked cube, a digital video camera, and some custom software. Basically you move the cube, the camera picks up the angular changes you make, and you try to lead the little man to the exit. It's sort of similar to the Playstation's Eye technology. Could be fun. Sort of like Lemmings, except you can't nuke the little bastard when shit hits the fan.

Explanatory video after the jump.

UPDATE: You can only see the rooms and man if you're watching through the monitor. The cube is just a box marked in a way so the camera can recognize which way you have it turned.

levelhead: trippy augmented reality game [technabob, thanks to Derek for the tip]

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