Man Has Death Wish, Does 130.7 On Bike

October 1, 2007


Markus Stoeckl broke the World Speed Record for mountain bikes, topping out at 130.7 mph. Down a mountain. In the snow. "The super speed antics took place on a 2000m stretch at a 45 degree run in the Chilean Andes. To prevent his helmet from fogging up, Mr. Stoeckl had to hold his breath for the entire 40 seconds it took to complete the distance." So, yeah. Apparently Mr. Stoeckl has no respect for his life. The last time I saw a giant red penis doing 130 mph I was masturbating and so hopped up on drugs that I ended up doing permanent damage to my unit.

The record breaking video after the jump.

Hercules Hits 130.7mph On a Bicycle [gizmodo]

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