Looj Robot Is A Gutter Cleaner, Not For Ass

October 5, 2007


Looj is a remote controlled gutter cleaning robot from iRobot. It was not made for asses. Models start at $100 and go up to $170. You throw the wily little bastard in the gutter, and away he goes, augering all the very loose debris and throwing it over the side. I don't need one, because whenever I babysit the neighbor's kid I throw him up on the roof and make him clean the gutters for me. Sometimes I give him a dollar in change if he does a real good job. Sike, he doesn't get shit.

A video after the jump. It's hilarious. A guy selling a GUTTER CLEANING ROBOT forgets what a gutter is at 0:28. Awesome.

iRobot release Looj gutter cleaning robot [gizmag]

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