Light Up Chair Is A Chair With Lights In It

October 5, 2007


The Bot-One Pod Cushion is a seating creation from Slide Italian Design. It's made of polyethylene, so you can rock it inside or outside, and it looks like a giant douche bag. It's got energy-efficient 25 watt bulbs in it, making it a reasonably well lit giant douche bag. I just don't know how I feel about my ass being lit up when I'm seated. Because the last time my ass lit up was when I was burning the hair off it with a lighter. My ass and balls went up in flames, followed by my pants, and finally the couch. Try explaining that one to the fire department. I just told them I passed out with the crack pipe, so I wouldn't look stupid.

Light Up Lounger - Bot-One Pod Cushion [trendhunter]

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