UPDATE: Life Size X-Wing Flight Video

October 8, 2007


Andy Woerner and his friends built a life size X-Wing Fighter and are going to set that bitch off on in California on October 10th. It's 21-feet long and has a 19-foot wingspan. It's powered by four Class M rocket engines (on the wings), which produce a red glow, just like the original. It will be launched in a fashion similar to traditional model rockets, but after liftoff the wings are going to open to attack position, through the use of a motor the team installed. They hope to recover the X-Wing in one piece after it's flight (via 3 parachutes). I wish these guys the best, and hopefully they'll have some sweet video available afterwards. Oh, and Andy if you're reading this, I'll happily be strapped to it for it's maiden voyage. Sure it'll kill me, but it'll be a far better death than the slow, painful one my marriage provides.

A couple more of the ship after blast-off.

UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED. Note: It is sad. The guy in the video says it best.



Rocket-Powered 21-Foot-Long X-Wing Model Actually Flies [gizmodo]

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