Life Size Princess Leia Sex Toy Coming Soon

October 15, 2007


Did someone say more Star Wars? Well you got it! Introducing the Star Wars Animated Life Size Princess Leia Monument. She stands around 5 feet tall, has a blaster, and looks hot as hell. Check out those cans! Honk honk! They say she's animated, but I couldn't find any info on what actually moves. Maybe her head swivels. She's limited edition, but only costs $800. What a steal. Did I mention she comes with some of the sweetest sweater yams I've ever set eyes on? Well she does! Now I'm not saying I'm going to buy one and have sex with it, but when I do buy one and have sex with it I hope it's gentler on my privates than the life size Terminator I got last year.

Star Wars Animated Life Size Princess Leia Monument stands tall [newlaunches]

  • Walter Bernhard

    LOL! That thing is gonna sell like hot cakes!

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