Junk Copter Is Scary, Destined For Junkyard

October 23, 2007


A Nigerian physics undergraduate named Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi has built a helicopter out of junk. The 24-year-old bankrolled the project with the money he earned fixing PCs and cell phones. The copter consists of car and motorcycle parts, along with some off a crashed 747. It took 8 months to put together, and has "flown briefly on six occasions" but "never attained an altitude of more than seven feet." Now as much faith as I have in Mubarak, I'd be hard pressed to sit in this thing even if I knew we weren't going higher than seven feet. As a rule I don't ride in vehicles made of junk. Especially ones that are supposed to fly. They're just too safe. I like to live dangerously.

Nigerian Man Builds Helicopters Out of Junk [therawfeed, thanks to J for the tip]

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