Make The Whole Ocean Your Aquarium

October 2, 2007


The Jelly-fish 45 habitat is like a cross between a house and a boat. Which would make it a houseboat, except the damn thing doesn't go anywhere under its own power. So it's a habitat instead. It measures 30 meters tall and 15 meters wide. It can house up to 6 people, and has 5 levels, the lowest of which is partially submerged so you can see fish and pollution and stuff. I really do want one, but at $2,500,000, I can forget about it. I've already sold all my non-critical organs for video games and beer. I'm basically just a head and an arm.

One more picture of the underwater section after the dive.


Jelly-fish 45 Habitat, live under or above water [newlaunches]

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