One-Handed Controller For Serious Baters

October 25, 2007


Ben Heck, a man who loves modding, has produced the "Access Controller", which is a controller for the XBox 360 that you can use with one hand.

You lay this controller on your leg, table or arm of a chair and all the buttons are available on the top surface. The gag is that each of the five sections is removable and you can plug them anywhere you want. This not only makes the controller work for both left and right handed use (simply mirror the layout) but it also allows the user to optimize the button placement on a game-by-game basis.

Now when I first saw this I got really excited. Not because I have any interest in playing video games one-handed, because why the hell would I want to do that. No, I was excited because I thought it was a flask. I mean really, what good is a f'ing one-handed controller if it can't sneak booze into college football games.

Two more pictures after the jump.



One-Handed Wireless Xbox 360 Controller [techeblog]

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