Honda's Puyo Is Soft, Does 360s In Place

October 11, 2007


Not to be outdone by Nissan and their cute little Pivo 2 Honda showed off the Puyo (which I thought was Spanish for a woman's genitals) concept van/box thing in Tokyo this week. It has a gel-like outer shell instead of sheet metal that's supposed to be a lot more resilient and safe in collisions. The wheels are from a go-cart (okay, maybe not) and are pushed all the way out to the corners, so the car can do 360s in place. To jack up its coolness factor from 0 to 1, it has scissor-wing doors. Nice try Honda, but I wouldn't be caught dead in it. I would be caught having sex with a prostitute in it though. Because that's how I roll.

One more of the doors open after the jump.


Soft Squishy Honda PUYO [electroplankton]

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