Halloween Alert: Transformer Costumes

October 12, 2007

It seems like today is theme day at Geekologie. Two shotgun posts, and now another transformer post. Whee! For those of you struggling to get a Halloween costume together, look to these guys for inspiration. Me? I already have my costume picked out, and it's clever. I'm going out as a Ninja Transformer. I start out as a ninja, and then at the end of the night I transform into a guy in a ninja costume banging a naughty nurse or sexy schoolteacher. Unless this Halloween is anything like last year. If it is I'll end up transforming into a guy with a ninja costume around his ankles, playing with himself and sobbing.

A couple more transformer costume videos after the jump, including a horrible motorcycle with broken rear wheel. Have a good weekend everyone.

[thanks to Beezy, who needs no transforming to be handsome, for the tip]

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