Geekologie Ladies: Ms. Pac Man Ring

October 26, 2007


So what if I found these surfing a women's lifestyle website -- I recently killed my girlfriend after I mistook her for a zombie and now I'm trying to get in touch with what women care about these days so I can land a new chick. The Ms. Pac Man and Ghost rings are silver rings that look like your favorite 80's video game characters. They run $68 each ($75 for gold vermeil). The lady on the website says they're "really super cute and definitely wearable, even past the age of fifteen, unlike many other video game inspired jewelry." And based on the picture, they're apparently even wearable after death, because that's a corpse's hand.

UPDATE: If you are a beautiful lady and thinking about buying these I will marry you.

Miss Pac Man and Ghost ring [popgadget]

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