Expensive Bathtub Reminds Me Of Pipe

October 2, 2007


Can't tell what you're looking at? It's a $26,000 bathtub from artist Tetsuya Nakamura. It reminds me of a pipe I used to have. My grandmother found it in my sock drawer and kicked me out of her attic. The bathtub is made out of reinforced plastic though, not glass. But I imagine you could still get a hell of a toke off it. But be careful. The last time I smoked out of plastic I inhaled too much vaporized polyvinyl chloride, and now they say I can't make babies. Which, in my case, is probably a good thing.

One more of a $8,600 sink after the splash.


Hot Rod Tub Looks Like It Will Tear Up Your Bathroom [uberreview]

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