Electric Skateboard Is Not Good For Tricks

October 26, 2007


The Skatemaster FT-2 is an electric skateboard that reaches breakneck speeds of up to 11 MPH and has a range of about 7 miles. It takes between 3-6 hours to charge and comes with an awkward looking handheld transmitter that controls the sealed electric motor. You use the trigger to both accelerate and decelerate your speed, so there's no need to put your foot down. It'll run you about $290 or so and is awesome. Almost as awesome as the electric scooter I used to have. Which, on a scale of awesomeness, was right up there with falling down a flight of stairs in front of a pretty girl and getting stabbed in the gut with a flathead screwdriver.

Skatemaster - the lazy dude's sk8tr rig [redferret]

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