Dog Rescue Jacket For Earthquake Victims

October 19, 2007


Well look at this dapper little bastard. He's looking mighty handsome today isn't he? That's because he's sporting the new Canine Earthquake Rescue Jacket. The idea is that this hotdog shaped animal will wiggle his way through debris to you if you happen to be trapped in your bathtub after your house falls in around you. The pack contains emergency supplies and food, to keep you alive until you're freed. The thing costs $434, which seems a little steep for a vinyl fanny-pack and hood. I just hope that have that little guy trained. Because if he's anything like my dog then no one is getting rescued. He'd tear open the pack, eat the food and supplies, then proceed to lick his genitals for awhile before falling asleep.

Canine earthquake rescue jacket [core77]

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