Dish Stickers: Because Your Dish Is Ugly

October 29, 2007

dish-stickers.jpg is selling big foil stickers for your satellite dish to transform it from a hideous eyesore into a hideous eyesore with a big f'ing sticker. The two designs pictured above are the only two available at the moment, so if a sunflower or Turkish design aren't your cup of tea you'll have to wait patiently. Did I mention they cost $50? They cost $50. Which would be okay if they got you some free nudie programming. But they don't. I don't have satellite TV, so I don't really care. I have bunny ears with a piece of aluminum foil stretched between them. I make my girlfriend stand in the corner and hold them up so I can watch football. She can't cook for shit but she can hold an antennae.

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