Darth Vader Samurai Suit Is Awesome, Small

October 16, 2007


I wish I had posted this yesterday to complete the Star Wars trifecta, but it didn’t happen (Ben sent the tip overnight). Anyways, the Yoshitoku Company has a "Samurai Vader" suit of armor -- complete with traditional bow and sword. The majority of the craftsmen that built the suit are over 70 years old, so props to the geriatric crowd. The helmet and weapons will set you back $1,500, and the whole suit goes for $5,200. Oh, the sad part -- it's only 1/4 scale, so you can't wear it unless you're really small. That's why I'm getting it for my son. Who I'll hopefully produce when my girlfriend comes home on her lunch break.

Darth Vader Samurai Armor - The Dark Side Never Looked So Good [albotas, big thanks to Ben for the tip]

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