Chairs Change Color Based On Your Attire

October 19, 2007


An art exhibit by Moritz Waldemeyer entitled 'By Royal Appointment' features these chairs, which change the color aura around them to reflect the hue of your clothing. Go to Gallery Libby Sellers in South Kensington, London if you want to give them a go. Ol' Moritz suggests, "Wear something bright, this works particularly well." Which indicates to me they don't work particularly well. I gave them a go, and they had a difficult time accurately reproducing the pale eggshell that is my birthday suit. To be truthful it's all kind of a blur though. One minute I'm stripping down and taking a seat, and the next I'm being tazed and kicked a lot. F'ing security.

Designer chair reflects the color of your attire [newlaunches]

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