Buy Your Own Moon, Hang It Anywhere!

October 3, 2007


A group of Russian designers have created and started manufacture of these moon shaped light boxes and sells them as 'Your Personal Moon'. I used to know a Russian once, and all he would do is break the top off a vodka bottle and drink the whole thing. I've got the feeling he was not involved with this project. No idea how to get one or how much they are, because my mail order Russian bride used me to gain U.S. citizenship and ran away. Someone feel free to find that out. Oh, and someone feel free to explain to me why the hell that guy in the picture is sleeping with a moon. Sure I've banged my share of embarrassing objects (most notably a grill), but come on. A moon? That guy is one sick bastard.

Some blowups of the small pictures after the jump.




Your Personal Moon [ohgizmo]

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