iShoes Are Ridiculous(ly Freaking Dorky)

October 26, 2007


Well apparently it's "Incredibly Stupid Ways To Get Around" day here at Geekologie, and what better to celebrate than to show off these fancy iShoes (yes, they actually named them f'ing iShoes). They're basically electric roller-skates. Okay, it's actually one electric roller-skate (with brake) and one un-electric roller-skate (without break). Which seems like an interesting design. They can go 15 MPH and are one size fits most (men's 8-12, women's 7-10). They can go about 7 miles on a charge and weight 16 lbs for the two (which is probably a 14 lb right skate and 2 lb left skate). As if all this awesomeness wasn't enough for you to rush out and get some, they also make you look like the stupidest ass-clown to ever hit the streets. I actually wanted to get a pair, but my penis said if I did we could forget about ever making love to a woman. And I just can't take any chances.

Video proof of how cool you look with them after the jump.

iShoes, Movin' and Groovin' at 15MPH [gizmodo]

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