Battle-Rig Pro Gaming Desk Has A Door

October 18, 2007


The Battle-Rig Pro gaming station is a glorified desk. That looks like it's in the process of being eaten by a red Pacman. Let's see here: A couple cabinets, a monitor shelf, a chair. Hmm. Not too much going on that my desk doesn't have, except maybe the integrated surround sound capabilities. Oh, and the little door. A desk with a door is sweet. I'm starting to like it. If you're masturbating behind a door, no one can see you. Even if it's your girlfriend and she's screaming at you and punching you in the head for watching anime porn. It's like she's not really there. Which she actually won't be for long if she catches you masturbating to anime. She'll find someone who isn't sick in the head.

Battle-Rig Pro for gamers [ubergizmo]

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