Bathmat Slippers Really Take Me Back

October 26, 2007


The Mat Walk Bathmat Slippers are the lovechild of a pair of slippers that were tired of banging dust bunnies under you bed and decided to slip it to a bathmat for a change. It's basically a bathmat with slippers sewn on top to keep your feet clean and warm. They cost $49 and will make you trip and fall, like trying to run with your pants around your ankles. Is that another man's leg in the back of the picture? Because it sure looks like one. Pretty meaty. Really takes me back to my college days, when me and the guys would all shower together and then maybe play some whip-ass with wet towels. Those were the days. Now I'm married to a woman and living a lie.

Mat Walk Bathmat Slippers Are Triptastic! [ohgizmo]

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