Aromatherapy Pens Encourage Huffing

October 29, 2007


Swiss Aromatherapy Pens are pens that have a liquid reservoir and rollerball on top (in upper left of photo), so that you can dispense smelly goodness onto your writings, or seal envelopes without using your mouth. They're $50 apiece, and come in scents like rose, mint, grapefruit, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, and ginger. A refill pack containing all the scents costs $28. These things remind me of those Mr. Sketch scented markers I used in grade school. Which, incidentally, turned me on to a life of huffing. Speaking of which -- I think the guy at the hobby shop is getting suspicious I buy all the model airplane glue and no model airplanes.

Aromatherapy Pens Probably Not As Satisfyinig As A Sharpie [ohgizmo]

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