Zeno The Robot Boy Will Kill You

September 14, 2007


Zeno, a robot boy created by David Hanson, is scary as hell. David named the damn thing after his real 18-month-old son, Zeno (poor kid), and it is supposed to be available for commercial sale in the next three years (for $200 - $300). It stands 17 inches tall and weighs 6 pounds, and took 5 years to create. He comes equipped with facial recognition software, and will greet you by name when he recognizes you. He is controlled wirelessly via PC, and can talk, walk, and make eye contact. His face is made of "frubber", enabling a variety of facial expressions, which he uses himself because he has "his own moods" and makes "his own decisions". He is one scary little bastard. Is it just me, or does anybody else get the feeling that one of those decisions may be stabbing your f'ing eyes out one night?

A couple more frightening pics after the jump.

UPDATE: A scary as hell video added!



Zeno The Robot Boy Will Kill You [therawfeed, thanks to the always young at heart Pat and Ali for the tips]

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