Urban Cup Holders Can Get You Killed

September 19, 2007


I usually just set my damn beer on the sidewalk if I need to stop and kick someone's ass on the street, but apparently that's not good enough for some people.

The aim of the urban cup holder is to encourage people to reinterpret street settings and claim them as their territory, instead of just using them as a means of passage from A to B. The cup holder is easily clamped with one hand to posts in the street, then used as a coat/bag/umbrella hanger and a drink holder. In turn, giving the user a feeling of control and creating a more personal space, a temporary territory.

Um, I'd like to see you go and "claim some territory" with these things over where the gangs like to hang out. Use their colors too, maybe they'll let you join. "Oh don't mind me, just mounting my latte to this pole for a minute while I reposition my vagina." Did I mention they cost $15? They cost $15.

Urban Cup Holders Prevent Burns [ohgizmo]

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