Tetris Furniture Probably Uncomfortable

September 10, 2007


If you live in your uncle's attic like I do, then you can appreciate making the most out of limited space. To help is the 2 + 1 chair and table combo thingy from sdesignunit that packs three pieces of furniture into one. It can be a dining table and two chairs, a couch, or a bed. The only problem is that, um, it's made of cardboard. Now I'm no stranger to passing out at the bar, and it's plenty comfy at the time, but when I do make it home I like something a little softer. Well, that, and my girlfriend pees the bed, which would ruin this thing. HAHA! Now everyone knows! Maybe next time you'll think before making my eggs so runny.

Tetris Furniture Probably Uncomfortable [ohgizmo]

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