Sweetest Cell Phone Mod Ever!

September 6, 2007


A mystery person has modded a Motorola ROKR into a freaking transforming robot. And apparently the whole thing still works making calls and taking pictures, etc.! I kid you not ladies and gentlemen. The pictures tell all, and these pictures tell me that there is hope for mankind yet. I mean, with this kind of ingenuity we can surely cure cancer and world hunger. This man/woman is our last hope. We need him/her to come forward and reveal their identity so that this planet can be saved. Okay fine, I really just want them to come forward because with their modding skills, I know there's hope of turning my balding, toothless whore of a girlfriend into something more pleasing to me, and less pleasing to every guy hanging out at the laundromat.

A bunch more pictures after the jump.






Sweetest Cell Phone Mod Ever! [engadget]

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