Small Camcorder Hides In Pack Of Gum

September 24, 2007

gum-camera.jpg is selling what they claim to be the world's smallest camcorder. Now I'm sure that's debatable, but whatever. It is made to fit in an empty pack of gum. It records up to 33 hours of 15 fps video on it's 1 GB micro SD card. It connects to your PC via USB to charge itself and transfer video. It costs $295. The only problem is the low-res video quality. So if you set this up by the bed expecting to capture your sexual exploits in high def, you're going to be disappointed. You won't have a sex tape as much as you'll have footage that looks like two otters dueling over a mackerel.

One more after the jump, just for the halibut.


Small Camcorder Hides In Pack Of Gum [therawfeed]

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