Ray Gun Makes You Burn, Not Literally

September 27, 2007


Raytheon demonstrated their Silent Guardian ray gun/box at a recent show. It's a scaled down version of the one you may have seen mounted on the back of Army vehicles awhile ago when they first started messing with this technology. Basically it emits a focused beam of radiation tuned to a precise frequency that stimulates human nerves, giving a burning sensation (similar to the one when you pee). The rays only penetrate a human's skin 1/64th of an inch, so it allegedly doesn't cause permanent damage. I wonder though. Because I used to rest my head against the microwave to watch what I was cooking, and now I'm retarded as hell.

The full picture of a guy touching the box and crapping his pants after the jump.


Ray Gun Makes You Burn, Not Literally [dailymail, thanks to deebo for the tip]

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