Pirate Vs. Ninja Batteries

September 5, 2007


Think Geek has come out with both pirate and ninja batteries, because, well, when it comes to powering electronics, sometimes a stupid bunny just doesn't cut it. They only come in AA size and cost $2.99 for 4, which is a ripoff. It's not like very many of my electronics have see through battery covers so everyone will know my affiliation. "Hey man take the battery cover off the remote and check out what's inside." "Dude, are these freaking ninja batteries? You know pirates would totally kill the hell out of some ninjas." "Nu-uh man, ninjas rule." "Ninjas suck, and I got with your girlfriend last night and we did a little plundering while you were busy playing Shinobi."

Pirate Vs. Ninja Batteries [gizmodo]

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