Master Chief Suit For Sale On Ebay

September 13, 2007


Some guy had a Spartan Master Chief suit made and is now selling it on ebay. Allegedly it's the most accurate suit to date, and has been featured on several tv shows and in commercials. When I checked it this morning it was at $2,000 -- now it's at $4,025. Proving that someone out there that plays Halo also has some serious money in the bank. It's cool, and I want it. But come on man, how about some pictures not taken in front of the gazebo at the neighborhood park. You should be resting your foot on a skull, and maybe have a few dead enemies strewn around. You're making Master Chief seem like a ding-dong, and not the trained killing machine he is. Someone buy it for me anyways so I can wear it when I'm, well, all the time.

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Master Chief Suit For Sale On Ebay [gizmodo]

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