Magical Basket Mirror Baffles The Mind

September 18, 2007


Daniel Rozin's Weave Mirror looks like a flat piece of basket on the wall. But it is actually a magical mirror to another dimension.

The mirror is an assembly of 768 motorized and laminated C-shaped prints along the surface of a picture plane that texturally mimics a homespun basket. A seemingly organic smoky portrait comes in focus to the sound of clacking steps made by the sculpture’s moving parts. The Weave Mirror paints a picture of viewers using a gradual rotation in greyscale value on each C-ring.

I have no idea what all that means, but I'm pretty sure it's just a cover-up for the portal to hell they've opened in that basket. Whatever you do, don't touch the image that appears. Because, uh, I saw my doppelganger once and had to kill him because I heard if you don't then you die. Turns out it was just a guy dressed similar. I still think 30 years is a little unfair.

Magical video after the jump.

Magical Basket Mirror Baffles The Mind [engadget]

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