Laptop Fire Case Study 2

September 5, 2007


Well I'm sure you all fondly remember the first laptop case study, teaching us what not to do in case of an electronics fire. Well here is case study number two, which illustrates the proper way to respond should your laptop burst into flames. This case study comes to us from Shanghai. Sure China is trying to kill all our children with lead based toys, but damn can they handle a laptop fire with gusto!

Laptop fire Step 1. Don't move the laptop from its original location. This is vital (and often overlooked because you don't want your house/office to burn down), but you will see its importance when you move to 2. Ignore putting out the fire for the time being and start taking as many digital pictures as you can. With the laptop in its natural habitat, we can really get a feel for the moment. At this point there is an optional step 3. which consists of inviting friends over and/or cracking a beer while you watch it burn. After inhaling your fair share of fumes, you can now 4. go ahead and put the damn thing out. Stomp it, pour something/urinate on it, or use a fire extinguisher (less style points for that though). Lastly you should post the pictures on the internet and eat that now chemically laced pomegranate on the desk and wash it down with your tainted coffee. Thanks for the lead China, and for the awesome laptop fire know-how!

A few more pictures after the jump.




Laptop Fire Case Study 2 [engadget]

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