LaCie's New Hard Drive Is Golden

September 21, 2007


LaCie's new external hard drive will look like a beautiful golden wave glistening atop your desk. It was fabricated by Ora-Ito, a French designer, exclusively for LaCie. It packs 500 GB of storage, uses a USB 2.0 interface, and will run $189 when it drops next month. Why a plain unadorned rectangle is not enough for some people, I don't know (and I'm not the biggest fan of LaCie drives). But once I followed a rainbow to the end and there was a fat leprechaun sitting on one of these. He said it was stuffed with the porn of my wildest dreams. So I killed him and took it. It was empty, that lying little bastard.

LaCie's New Hard Drive Is Golden [gizmodo]

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