Human Flipbook Is A Flipbook On A Person

September 27, 2007

This is a commercial of a human flipbook. Or a shirt flipbook, if you like that better. You can call it whatever you want. It was made for Erbert and Gerbert's Subs. It was made using 150 shirts, patience, and creativity. It's so relaxing and playful. It reminds me of a time before I had to worry about paying child support. Life was so carefree back then. Now it sucks and I'm being evicted. My landlord is such a dick and I can't even afford the medicine for my VD(s). God I'm getting depressed. Someone cheer me up before I have a Drano drinking contest with myself.

A "making of the video" video after the jump.

Human Flipbook Is A FlipBook On A Person [humanflipbook, thanks to John for the tip]

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