Holographic Vaio Zoom Notebook Concept

September 20, 2007


The Vaio Zoom notebook concept was created by designer Eno Setiawan. The idea is that the notebook is entirely holographic. When off, the screen is clear glass and the keyboard is an expansive of beautiful black shine. When you turn it on the keyboard, screen, and mouse buttons are displayed as holograms. I think the thing looks beautiful as hell, but damnit, it's a concept. Just like the majority of other concepts, it doesn't work in the real world. It's like the concept for the woman I want. She's a supermodel, great cook, nymphomaniac, doesn't nag, can rest a beer on her head, has no teeth, and loves watching sports. See, she's a concept -- she doesn't exist in reality. That's why I live in my grandmother's attic with a bunch of cats. I've given up.

One more picture on the flipside.


Holographic Vaio Zoom Notebook Concept [yankodesign, and thanks to Lokutz, who is real, for the tip]

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