Grenade Alarm Clock Is Not Explosive

September 7, 2007


No matter how hard I try I always wake up in the morning. I'm getting tired (!) of it. Because leaving the bed sucks, I try to make the experience as pleasant as possible. That's where the hookers and drugs come into play. If that's not for you, then check this puppy out. It's a Hand Grenade Alarm Clock from Toyo Trading that you have to chuck at the wall (or ceiling fan) to turn off. Pretty clever eh? Yeah, I don't know about it either. I'm sticking to mine, which is two breasts you have to rub tenderly in order to turn off. It's called my girlfriend, and she always wakes me up in the morning talking about how handsome I am and how I'm the world's sexiest lover.

Grenade Alarm Clock Is Not Explosive [therawfeed]

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